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We, as citizens concerned about Mexico … extend this petition to request the Board of Education in Mexico, our legislators, and all local school boards and charter schools to ensure that it is verified that neither instruction nor materials are provided, including integral sexual education (CSE), to the children of the schools in Mexico:

        • that could be interpreted to normalize or tolerate sexual behavior among younger children (either heterosexual or homosexual),

        • that include graphic or pornographic materials,


        • that teach children who have sexual rights or how to “consent” to sexual acts,

        • that teach non-scientific gender identity theories (that is, they claim that there are genders or sexes that are not men or women or that sex is fluid and can be changed).

Ensure respect for the rights of parents by requiring all public schools to:

        • Make available for public review and comments, at least 60 days before adoption, any new or revised sex education curriculum in its entirety.

        • Make all existing curricula on sex education, including supplementary materials, easily accessible for public review.

        • Maintain sex education as an optional and optional subject that requires parental approval.

We caution that the implementation of highly controversial and failed CSE programs in our public schools (see failure rates at SexEdReport.org ) will cause many Arizona parents to a) choose to completely remove their children from sex education, which results in which fewer children receive instruction in avoiding sexual risk, or (b) withdraw their children completely.

We further affirm that our schools are not the appropriate place to promote political or sexual agendas that promote divisive or controversial issues of “sexual rights” at the expense of sexual health. Parents who wish to instruct their children on these issues can do so at home.

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To protect the health and innocence of the children of Mexico and the fundamental rights of parents to direct the education, medical care and education of their children.


  • Advocate for laws and policies that protect children and the rights of parents.

  • To expose the harmful nature of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), gender ideology and pornographic materials and prevent such materials, programs or ideologies from being distributed, implemented or promoted in our schools.

  • Inform and mobilize concerned citizens, including parents, grandparents, teachers, youth, policy makers, government officials and business, religious and community leaders to protect our children.

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This website was created to notify parents and politicians of the serious damage of educational programs of explicit integral sexuality.

This project is a collaborative effort of the Family Network Institute, Family Watch International and the UN Family Rights Caucus.