International CSE Materials/Curricula

International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education  (2018 UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UN WOMEN, WHO)   
Harm Analysis  |  Content Examples
Fulfil!  Guidance document for the implementation of young people’s sexual rights   (IPPF, World Association for Sexual Health and RNW Media)
Harm Analysis
My Changing Body   (USAID) (Rwanda, Africa)
The World Starts With Me   (Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Burundi, Malawi, Asia: Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam)
Inside and Out: CSE Assessment Tool    (IPPF, UNESCO)
Harm Analysis
It’s All One Curriculum    (Supported by UNFPA and UNESCO)
Harm Analysis   |    Evidence of Failure   |    Content Examples
My Future is My Choice (Namibia)
Harm Analysis   |    Research Summary
Our Future (International HIV/AIDS Alliance) (Zambia)
You, Your Life, Your Dreams   (Supported by UNFPA) (Caribbean)
Harm Analysis   |    Evidence of Failure   |    Content Examples
Zambia CSE Framework (Grades 5-12)

Supplemental CSE Materials