CSE Harmful Elements Analysis Tool

The “CSE Harmful Elements Analysis Tool” was created to be used to expose the harmful elements in CSE materials. In particular, this tool has been designed to be used by school administrators, educators, concerned citizens and parents in assessing the potentially harmful impact of proposed comprehensive sex/sexuality education, family life, anti-bullying programs, etc., for preschool, primary and secondary educational institutions as well as to evaluate community or online programs used in and out of school settings.


By reviewing a program alongside the “CSE Harmful Elements Analysis Tool” educators and parents may insert excerpts of quotes, instruction, and lesson activities from the program directly into the Tool template, which may be submitted to schools and school boards.

Download CSE Analysis tool:  Word  |  Pdf

* The “CSE Harmful Elements Analysis Tool” was created by Family Watch International. Family Watch is not responsible for the way in which this tool is used by individuals who do independent analyses of CSE materials.