CSE Curricula Analysis Tool

The CSE Curricula Analysis Tool (CAT) was created by Family Watch International to be used by school administrators, educators, and parents in assessing the potentially harmful impact of proposed sex/sexuality education, family life, anti-bullying programs, etc. for preschool, primary and secondary education institutions.  The Tool can also be used to assess online programs that are utilized in and out of formal school settings.

The Tool identifies 15 elements that have the potential of causing long-term negative effects on the health and well-being of children and youth.  Having even one of these elements is reason enough to disqualify a program from being taught to children. A program containing several of these elements should be banned from use in any school or community setting.


By reviewing the program alongside the CSE Curricula Analysis Tool educators and parents may insert excerpts of quotes, instruction, and lesson activities from the program directly into the Tool template, which may be submitted to schools and school boards.