Protect Children/Stop CSE Action Plan

Step 1 – Equip and Empower: Gather information and resources needed to safeguard the health and innocence of children in your state.



  • Learn about the sex ed and parental rights laws where you live. (If you are a U.S. citizen, go to your state’s profile on the USA CSE map at




  • Become familiar with the most recent research findings on sex education. (See at


  • Identify sex ed curricula in your local school district or area. Determine if your sex ed curriculum needs to be replaced or supported. Find out if it is CSE (also known as Sexual Risk Reduction education or SRR) or abstinence-based Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) education.



Step 2 – Gather and Organize: Network and join forces with other likeminded stakeholders to address sex ed curriculum concerns.


  • Identify likeminded groups and individuals who are concerned about protecting the health and innocence of children (parents, grandparents, faith leaders, school board members, legislators, family policy councils, conservative groups, PCHC members, etc.), and educate them where needed on the dangers of CSE.


  • Organize an urgent meeting to mobilize parents and other stakeholders to address sex ed curriculum issues early in the school year and identify members who might be willing to give public testimony in school board meetings or legislative hearings.


  • Identify goals of your stakeholders’ group. Establish short- and long-term goals. Possible goals could include change sex ed policy from opt out to opt in, replace CSE with SRA, impact state laws or school board rules and regulations, monitor school board meetings to raise concerns, form a coalition, etc.). If your goal is to replace CSE, identify appropriate abstinence-based SRA replacement programs to propose.


  • Identify the leaning of your school board members and/or legislators to find allies.


Step 3 – Prepare and Formulate: Organize presentations and messaging for effective activism.


  • Formulate your messaging, media sound bites and talking points. Consider organizing tsunami strategies, which are multiple, scripted, coordinated statements for use when presenting at school board meetings or giving testimony at public hearings. Write coordinated statements for meetings with school officials, school board members, and state legislators, etc. and recruit people to give testimony.


  • Create a PowerPoint presentation to show to groups to gather and mobilize more activists such as conservative political groups, pro-life groups, community groups, church congregations, mothers’ groups, youth groups, etc. Presentations should define CSE, quote examples of objectionable content, share research that shows the harms and ineffectiveness of CSE, and propose action items for concerned parents and stakeholders. Plan webinars as well as in-person information meetings. Feel free to use any graphics from the website. See a sample flyer from a community meeting here.


  • Consider utilizing a petition as a gathering tool that concerned citizens can sign everywhere you present. Use it to collect contact information and to establish a contact list. See a sample petition that can be adapted at


  • Prepare information packets to be distributed as needed with a condensed version of your PowerPoint presentation. Packets should include hard copies and/or links and quotes where appropriate from bad CSE curriculum in your state. Consider including the report at


Step 4 – Activate and Advocate: Launch effective activism.


  • Get your message out through the media. Contact and develop relationships with fair, likeminded media outlets or journalists to alert when attending school board meetings or legislative hearings. Publish articles about what is happening with sex ed. Write op-ed letters.


  • Arrange and hold meetings with like-minded school officials, school board members, and state legislators.


  • Conduct community outreach to faith leaders, pro-life and pro-family groups and organizations, education groups, conservative groups, etc. Schedule one-on-one meetings and/or group presentations.


  • Establish a social media presence and/or launch a website. (If you decide to create a coalition, Family Watch International can create a simple web page for you on the website similar to the Arizona page at


Step 5– Sustain and Advance: Continue all items listed above, improve messaging and streamline activism.


  • Monitor and address sex ed curriculum development in your school district and address as needed.


  • Monitor and address sex ed developments in your legislature and address as needed.


  • Grow your base of support by continuing public outreach to individuals and groups across the state.


  • Hold regular meetings with stakeholders, establish sub committees and groups based on needs across the state.




Additional U.S. Resources: