CSE promotes abortion as safe and without consequences.

Targeting children from age 9:

Legal abortion performed under sterile conditions by medically trained personnel is safe.” (UNESCO International Guidelines on Sexuality Education, for children ages 9-12, p. 51)


Targeting children from age 10:

“When performed by trained medical personnel under hygienic conditions, abortion is a very safe medical procedure, one that is even safer than childbirth.” (You, Your Life, Your Dreams, for children ages 10 and up, p. 120)


Targeting “young people” (defined by the UN as ages 10 and up):

“Women may have an unplanned pregnancy, even if they and their partner(s) use contraceptives, and may wish to terminate their pregnancy by having a safe abortion.” (IPPF, Healthy, Happy and Hot, for HIV-positive young people, p. 14)