TARGET AGE GROUP: 10 years and older




NO EVIDENCE of Reducing STD's

NO EVIDENCE of Reducing Teen Pregnancy

HAS Planned Parenthood Ties

NOT Evidence-Based

Contains Harmful Elements


Promotes Sexual Rights for Children


  • “… young people (regardless of age, ethnicity, or culture) have sexual needs … desires, fantasies, and dreams related to their sexuality. For them to achieve and maintain a healthy development, they need to be able to explore, experience and express their sexuality in pleasurable and safe ways, and to make informed decisions about their lives and bodies. This can only happen when young people’s sexual rights are recognized and guaranteed.”
  • Young people’s sexual rights need to be at the center of the sustainable development agenda. This guide shows how that can be achieved.”
  • “… the diversity of young people’s sexualities should always be recognized, valued and celebrated on the basis of sexual rights.”


Promotes a Right to Sexual Pleasure for Children


  • “Young people’s experiences of sexual pleasure are very important … Ensuring that all young people understand they are entitled to sexual pleasure and the diverse forms in which pleasure is experienced is of primary importance for their health and well-being.”
  • “Establish a sex-positive approach for all programmes and services, which emphasizes the diverse possibilities of sexual pleasure.”
  • “Discussions of sexual pleasure must always emphasize diversity… Young people should not be made to feel that they need to experience sexual experiences in a certain way.”
  • “RNW media, creator of the Love Matters platforms, found that posting content related to sexual pleasure is fundamental to attracting young users…”


Promotes Autonomous Homosexual Rights for Children


  • In a section titled, “Gender perspective and equality,” “Gender norms, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination, and violence are behind many structural factors that limit the development and possibilities of expression of all young people (particularly of young women and LGBTIQ youth)”
  • “Design surveys and intake forms that allow young people to clearly express their sexual orientation and gender identity.”
  • Refer young LGBTIQ people to friendly/identity-affirming services and resources.
  • “… lack of legal recognition reinforces social norms that stigmatize LGBTIQ youth.”
  • Ensure that CSE programmes are inclusive of all sexual identities. They should assist in countering harmful stereotypes, increasing sensitization and reducing stigma against LGBTIQ young people.”


Promotes Freedom of Sexual Expression for Children


  • “’Freedom of sexual expression’ covers the rights of young people to express the erotic, emotional and identity aspects of their sexuality while respecting the rights of others and in safe and private environments: it covers the ability of a person to consent, and therefore choose when, how and with whom to relate sexually and how to live one’s sexual identity, primarily – but not limited to- gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”
  • Laws that criminalise consensual sexual activity between adolescents can place adolescents at risk…”
  • “educators should also address how adolescents can better protect their right to sexual privacy when engaging in online sexual exchanges/conversations.”
  • Reform laws that unreasonably mandate prosecution of adolescents for ‘sexting’.”


Promotes Transgender Hormones and Surgeries for Children Without Parental Consent


  • Obstacles preventing transgender adolescents accessing hormonal therapy include lack of support from providers and laws that demand parental consent. Health providers should assess trans adolescents’ circumstances and should provide adequate support for them to make autonomous decisions regarding gender transitioning, according to their evolving capacities and their best interest.”
  • Trans and intersex youth should be able to make autonomous decisions about their own bodies, with proper information and guidance from providers.”
  • Guarantee access to hormone treatment for transgender and intersex adolescents, with the proper care and guidance from medical providers and without the need for parental consent. Specific legislation should also cover the right of transgender and intersex adolescents to decide on any surgical procedures over their bodies with the same guidance and care…”




  • “Many young people face lack of privacy when it comes to masturbation or having sexual relationships…”


Attacks Parental Rights


  • “Adopt a legal presumption that all persons have the capacity to consent to SRH services unless and until proven otherwise.”


Promotes Abortion


  • “Liberalise abortion legislation to enable all young women (including adolescents) to easily access safe abortion care, without parental or spousal consent requirements.
  • parental consent requirements for abortion compromise the need for protection from further abuse.


Promotes Compulsory CSE as a Right


  • The right to sexuality education has been underscored by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to education in a 2010 report to the United Nations General Assembly.
  • Legislate for compulsory CSE from primary to preparatory schools, based on new global endorsements and standards.”


Seeks to Abolish Abstinence Education


  • Bring an end to abstinence-only sex education programmes and and ensure evidence and rights-based approaches to CSE.”


Promotes Prostitution Rights for Children


  • Criminalization of sex work leads to negative human rights outcomes for sex workers…”
  • “Programmes need to pay attention to the health needs of young sex workers; providers should respect their autonomy…”
  • Train educators who are in charge of delivering CSE on the implementation of youth’s sexual rights.

“Stop CSE!”


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