This page contains links to explicit CSE materials. Though intended for children these materials are inappropriate for children and may even be offensive to adults.

It’s Perfectly Normal

This illustrated children’s book openly normalizes homosexuality and contains graphic illustrations of both male and female children masturbating. The book shows illustrations of entirely nude men and women having sex, and of naked girls and boys in a variety of situations.  Although not an official part of any one CSE curriculum, this supplemental tool is being utilized in and out of the classroom and is provided as additional references for children to explore.


TARGET AGE GROUP:  10-14 Years

Curriculum Highlights

“Sexual intercourse usually begins with two people touching, caressing, kissing, and hugging each other.”

“After a bit, the female’s vagina becomes moist and slippery, her clitoris becomes hard, and the male’s penis becomes erect, stiff, and larger… The female and the male begin to feel excited about each other.”


“It is now possible for the male’s erect penis to go inside the female’s vagina…”


“As the male and female move back and forth in rhythm, the movement of the penis inside the vagina soon feels very good. The female and male may hug and even kiss and touch each other even more as all of this is going on and feel more and more excited.”

“The clitoris is a small mound of skin about the size of a pea. When the clitoris is touched and rubbed, a female’s body feels good both outside and inside. It feels kind of tingly, kind of warm and nice. It feels sexy.”


When the penis is touched and rubbed, a male’s body feels good both outside and inside – kind of tingly, kind of warm and nice. It feels sexy.







“Boys and girls, teenagers, and grown-ups too, experience sexy feelings when they masturbate…Some people think that masturbation is wrong or harmful. And some religions call masturbation a sin. But masturbating cannot hurt you.”

SEXUAL DESIRE:  Pages 12-13


“Sexual desire means you feel attracted to someone in a very strong way…like being pulled by a magnet. You want to be as physically close to that person as you can.”


“Even though you may think about that person a lot, sexual desire is mostly the way you feel in your body about that person. Your body may feel excited or warm or quivery, or tingly. And sometimes those feelings can be very strong.”


“The feelings and thoughts you may have about other people and their bodies can make you feel very excited. Some people call this “feeling sexy.”


“The ancient Greeks thought that love between two men was the highest form of love. In the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta, in about 1000 B.C. it was hoped that make lovers would be in the same army regiment. People thought that if a warrior was in the same regiment as his lover, he would fight harder in order to impress him. The Spartan army was one of the most powerful and feared armies in ancient Greece.”


“Sometimes as kids are growing up, boys become curious about other boys and girls become curious about other girls. They may look at and even touch each other’s bodies. This is a normal kind of exploring and does not have anything to do with whether a girl or a boy is or will be heterosexual or homosexual.”


“Some people disapprove of gay men and lesbian women. Some even hate homosexuals. People may feel this way toward homosexuals because they think homosexuals are different from them or that gay relationships are wrong.  Usually, these people know little or nothing about homosexuals, and their views are often based on fears or misinformation, not on facts.”


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