WARNING:  This page may contain explicit and disturbing examples from CSE materials.

YOU, YOUR LIFE, YOUR DREAMS  |  Child Harm Level:  Extremely High

TARGET AGE GROUP:  10 – 19 year olds

NO EVIDENCE of Reducing STDs


HAS Planned Parenthood Ties

NO EVIDENCE of Reducing Teen Pregnancy

CONTAINS Harmful Elements

PROMOTES Sexual Pleasure

You, Your Life, Your Dreams is a comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) program intended for adolescents age 10 -19 in the Caribbean region. Under the guise of reproductive health education, this explicit program promotes concepts that are medically inaccurate. It scored 15 out of 15 for containing harmful elementsIt promotes masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, homosexuality and bisexuality without stressing the health risks for adolescents. Published with the assistance of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the graphic information in this manual reflects the sexual ideologies being pushed by UN agencies and Western nations, rather than the values of the people of the Caribbean Islands.

Harmful Elements

“You, Your Life, Your Dreams” exposes children and youth to multiple harmful concepts, through statements and various activities, such as role plays, games, and videos that are harmful and sexually engaging to children.

Harmful Elements Score:  15 out of 15

Examples of Harmful Content & Activities:

This illustration of six naked 13-year-old male and female children shows the differences in various physical characteristics, including height, female breast size, amount of pubic hair, and male penis/genital size.  (Page 10 of Volume 1) 

Sample Quotes:

The disturbing excerpts that follow are taken directly from You, Your Life, Your Dreams.

“Touching and caressing your breasts is very pleasurable and can be sexually exciting. It is important that you learn how and when to obtain pleasure fondling your breasts.”
(Vol. 1, pg. 26)
“When stimulated [the clitoris] enlarges...and results in great pleasure and sexual arousal, sometimes ending in orgasm."
(Vol. 1, pg. 28)

Evidence of Failure
There is no evidence that “You, Your Life, Your Dreams” is an effective curriculum for reducing risky sexual behavior among young people. 

A common tactic used by comprehensive sex education (CSE) advocates is to claim their programs are “evidence based,” asserting they are backed by studies that prove their effectiveness for young people. However, the research does not support this view, according to a recent in-depth review of some of the strongest and most current studies of CSE in school settings. (See SexEdReport.org.) This extensive analysis reviewed 60 studies of 40 school-based CSE programs in the United States and 43 studies of 39 school-based CSE programs used outside of the U.S. (all studies were previously vetted for research quality by HHS, the CDC, or UNESCO.)


Applying meaningful and recommended standards to assess program effects on increased teen abstinence and/or condom use and decreased teen pregnancy or STDs, the researchers found little evidence of real effectiveness for school-based CSE and a concerning number of harmful effects. Out of the 103 studies, only 10 showed improvement on a key protective indicator one year after the program, for the intended population, without other negative effects. Yet, 15 of these studies found school-based CSE programs had a harmful impact – by increasing teens’ sexual risk behavior and/or reducing their sexual health.

“Stop CSE!”


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