INDEX – CSE Harmful Analysis Tool

[NEEDS EDITING] A complete list of all CSE programs, guidelines, and materials that have been evaluated using the CSE Harmful Elements Analysis Tool (CAT) can be found below.  New materials are added as the resources become available to us.  If you have a program you would like to submit a CAT for or one that you would like to submit to be analyzed, please email us at

  • BIG DECISIONS  |   Harm Rank:  Extremely High 
  • Coming Soon! Rights, Respect, Responsibility   |   Harm Rank:  Extremely High 
  • Coming Soon!  It’s All One |
  • Coming Soon!  ¡Cuídate!   |    
  • Coming Soon!  Healthy Futures |
  • Coming Soon!  National Education Standards   |
  • Coming Soon!  SEICUS    |

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