False Claims About CSE

23 Mar False Claims About CSE

Sexual rights advocates make astounding claims to support their promotion of comprehensive sexuality education programs to children throughout the world. One claim upon which many of the other false claims are based is that international law already mandates that children have the right to comprehensive sexuality education. In fact, the UN Special Rapporteur on “The Right to Education” made this false claim to the UN General Assembly and also claimed that CSE should teach children about eroticism among other things. Click here to see a policy brief on his report promoting CSE as an alleged international human right for children at the outset of their schooling. The truth is that there is no binding international human rights instrument that grants children such a right.  Other alleged claims about CSE include that: 

  • It will prevent teenage pregnancy 
  • It will prevent sexually transmitted infections 
  • It will prevent HIV/AIDS
  • It will prevent coerced or unwanted sex 
  • It will prevent violence against women 
  • It will lift people out of poverty 
  • It will promote sustainable development by encouraging contraceptive use 
  • It will help with global warming
  • It will delay the onset of sexual debut
  • It will increase young people’s ability to make responsible decisions
  • It will enable youth to participate in society and exercise their human rights
  • It will increase critical thinking skills and overall educational achievement
  • I will increase a sense of self-efficacy and agency
  • It will increase a sense of sexual well-being and enjoyment 
  • It will increase gender equality between the sexes 


What government or parent wouldn’t want their children to receive CSE if it could do all this? However, all of these claims cleverly disguise the main purpose of CSE, which is rarely mentioned when it is promoted, and that is to change all the gender and sexual norms of society and advance controversial sexual rights to the rising generation.


Click here to see an African ministerial declaration on CSE that claims that CSE will solve many of the above problems. These ministers were likely manipulated by the UN agencies that hosted the conference where it was created, and the UN agencies may have even written the declaration for them.