The History & Agenda Behind CSE

23 Mar The History & Agenda Behind CSE

One of the main goals of comprehensive sexuality education is to radically change the gender and sexual norms of society and to establish rights for children as sexually autonomous beings.  In order to fulfill these alleged sexual rights, activists claim that children must have unfettered access to “comprehensive” sexual information that leaves no sexual knowledge behind.   



The following is a list of some of the core philosophies upon which CSE programs are based:

  • Children are naturally sexual from birth, therefore any restrictions on their sexual expression or sexual activity violates their sexual rights.
  • To have good health, children and adults alike should be having regular sexual experiences either alone (masturbation) or with persons of either gender.
  • A right to sexual pleasure, event at the youngest ages is a primary human right that trumps other rights. 
  • Children have privacy and confidentiality rights that trump the rights of their parents to guide their education in the area of human sexuality.
  • Children have a right to abortion and to sexual relations without the knowledge and consent of their parents.
  • Most societal sexual and gender norms, especially those based in religious beliefs are repressive and unhealthy and should be changed.
  • Children have the right to experiment with diverse sexual identities and orientations and the behaviors associated with them in order to develop a healthy sexuality.
  • Youth are to be enlisted to combat “homophobia,” “transphobia” and “heterosexism” and to advocate for their sexual rights,
  • Youth should be involved in the design and implementation of CSE programs.
  • Children, under internationally recognized rights to health and education, have a right to all sexual information, uncensored and without parental consent.

Where did all of these sexual philosophies and the “children are sexual from birth” concept come from? Who decided that the world’s children should have all of these sexual rights and should be taught about and encouraged to experiment with high-risk sexual acts?



Alfred Kinsey, the Father of the Sexual Rights Revolution

Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey

According to two leading international experts, Dr. Judith Reisman, author of Sexual Sabotage, and Dr. Miriam Grossman, author of You’re Teaching My Child What?, the roots of the sexual rights revolution that spawned the comprehensive sexuality education movement can all be traced back to the fraudulent research led by one man—Dr.  Alfred Kinsey.

In 1947, Kinsey, now known as the father of the sexual rights revolution, founded the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University to conduct “research” into human sexuality. Kinsey set out to prove that children are sexual from birth and that promiscuous sexual behaviors of all kinds are prevalent in society among all ages and therefore are normal and healthy. He believed his research would change all of the gender and sexual norms of society. And it has.


The false philosophies on human sexuality that were developed based on Kinsey’s “sex research” have provided the foundation and rationale behind today’s comprehensive sexuality education programs that teach children of all ages they have a right to sexual knowledge and sexual pleasure. Kinsey’s “research” has also been widely used to liberalize laws restricting sexual behavior, to reduce punishments for sex offenders, and to promote masturbation, premarital sex, and homosexuality, among other things, as healthy and normal. 


However, it is now widely known that Kinsey’s research was fraudulent. Based in part on interviews with incarcerated criminals, prostitutes and pedophiles, rather than normal, healthy members of society, Kinsey claimed his findings applied to the general population.  


Table 34

Kinsey’s infamous Table 34

Kinsey’s findings were also based on the sex abuse of children by pedophiles. In fact, table 34 in Kinsey’s own book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male documents the abuse of a number of infants, toddlers and older children who were sexually abused by pedophiles to induce orgasms that were timed with a stop watch over a 24-hour period.


Kinsey claims he never asked the men to abuse the children, he just reported on the “scientific research” they sent to him. Kinsey claimed this “research” showed that children derived sexual pleasure from their sex abuse, even if they were crying, convulsing or screaming. 


In his biography of Kinsey, James Jones writes that Kinsey was a deeply disturbed individual with bizarre sexual fetishes and that Kinsey, an admitted bisexual, engaged in masochistic sexual behavior.


The Kinsey Institute today continues its sex “research” and was recently granted consultative status at the United Nations, which they intend to use to advance their radical sexual agenda throughout the world.


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From Kinsey to Planned Parenthood to SIECUS to the UN to Children Across the World

In a speech at the United Nations, internationally recognized expert and medical doctor, Dr. Miriam Grossman, asked,

Who came up with the notion that it’s necessary to teach the world’s children about high-risk sex acts their parents never heard of? Planned Parenthood and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). These groups portray themselves as guardians of our children’s health and claim to provide students with all the information and skills they need to make smart choices. Their curricula, they declare, are comprehensive, age-appropriate, ideologically neutral, and medically accurate.”


International Planned Parenthood Federation and SIECUS, organizations that both hold consultative status at the United Nations, have used that status to become world leaders in developing and promoting Kinsey-inspired comprehensive sexuality education programs for children worldwide.

Dr. Miriam Grossman continued.

I’ve discovered that the vision of groups such as Planned Parenthood and SIECUS—the groups at the helm of sexuality education in the U.S.—is not sexual health. It is sexual freedom. These large and powerful organizations believe in sexuality that extends from cradle to grave. They tacitly endorse early sexual activity and multiple partners as well as sexual experimentation, which are the very behaviors that fuel the epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, abortion and emotional distress.

Those people who practice the lifestyles endorsed by these groups have more doctors’ appointments, not less. . . . I’ve studied the history of sex education and one of the things you need to understand is that sex education is a social movement. Its goal is to change society. That was true 50 years ago when it began, and it’s still true. The objective is to change my society, and now, yours.”

One of the learning objectives [of sexuality education] is to “change social norms.” [Those who advocate for comprehensive sexuality education] envision a world without sexual taboos and restrictions—a world free of Judeo/Christian morality where each individual, regardless of age, should be free to make his or her own sexual choices . . . and no judgment [is] allowed . . . It’s an “anything goes as long as you use a condom” philosophy of sex education.

Dr. Mary Calderone, a Kinsey enthusiast, had been the medical director for Planned Parenthood when in 1964, using seed money from Hugh Hefner (the founder of “Playboy” magazine), she founded the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).


Like Kinsey, Dr. Calderone believed there was an urgent need to break from traditional views of sexuality. She believed sex education had too much negativity—too much focus on unwanted pregnancy and diseases. The real problem, she insisted, was that society is puritanical and repressed. According to Calderone, proper sex education would teach children that they are sexual beings and that the expression of their sexuality is positive, natural and healthy at all ages.


Referring to Kinsey’s research, Calderone stated that “professionals who study children have affirmed the strong sexuality of the newborn.”  In a book written for parents, she said, “Children are sexual and think sexual thoughts and do sexual things.”


Another founding board member of SIECUS was Kinsey disciple Wardell Pomeroy who had been Kinsey’s co-author and a former Kinsey Institute director.  Pomeroy believed that religious taboos were too restrictive, and that society’s entire belief system needed to be reconsidered. He claimed that traditional religion wooed people into prescribed boundaries for thinking and that boundaries were no good. He also asserted that physical pleasure has worth as a moral value.


A 1980 Time magazine article called “Attacking the Last Taboo,” referred to Pomeroy as part of the “pro-incest lobby” and quoted him as saying: “It is time to admit that incest need not be a perversion or a symptom of mental illness…Incest between … children and adults … can sometimes be beneficial.”


To date, SIECUS and Planned Parenthood have been the world leaders in creating and promoting comprehensive sexuality education programs that incorporate Kinsey’s controversial sex philosophies and that encourage children and adults to explore their alleged sexual desires without constraints. SIECUS has partnered with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and Nanette Eckert of SIECUS is one of the main authors of UNESCO’s highly controversial International Guidelines on Sexuality Education.  


To summarize:

In 1947, sexologist Alfred Kinsey founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University now known as the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. The Kinsey Institute then inspired the formation of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) (that also had ties to Planned Parenthood) as an educational arm dedicated to mainstreaming the application of Kinsey’s sex research into sexuality education for children worldwide.