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Protect Rwanda Children Petition!

We, as concerned citizens including parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors, counselors, youth, and business, religious, and civil society leaders, hereby petition our President, our Parliament, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health to take the following urgent actions:

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1. Withdraw from the deceptive Ministerial Commitment on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) that committed Rwanda’s schools to teach highly controversial and harmful CSE programs to children in 75 percent of Rwanda’s schools. (See more on the ESA Commitment here.) This commitment was signed without proper consultation with parliament, parents or religious leaders. Every Rwandan parent has the “prior right” to direct the education of their children (see UDHR Article 26.3), and this ministerial commitment violates this critical right.


2. End any and all agreements, plans, or projects with UN agencies, foreign governments or foreign-funded NGOs to implement CSE programs, including those which normalize extramarital sexual conduct, especially between children of minor age (whether heterosexual or homosexual), or that include graphic or pornographic materials, that teach children they have “sexual rights” or how to “consent” to sexual acts, or that teach unscientific gender identity theories (i.e., claiming genders or sexes exist other than male or female or that sex is fluid and can be changed).


3. Conduct a comprehensive review of sex and sexuality education programs in Rwandan public schools, universities, and teacher training initiatives, including those being implemented under the guise of sexual or reproductive health education or preventing HIV, pregnancy, sexual abuse, violence, using formal, non-formal, or peer-to-peer modalities, both inside and outside of schools, and remove all those that contain any of the common 15 harmful CSE elements.We warn that these ineffective and highly controversial CSE programs pushed by foreign entities are harming Rwanda’s children and must be stopped immediately! (See failure rates at SexEdReport.org)


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