Is Planned Parenthood in YOUR School?

To Find out if any of your local schools contract with or use any Planned Parenthood programs or materials follow the guidelines below:

  • Contact the nearest Planned Parenthood office directly (or their affiliates), and ask them what schools they may be working with or providing materials to.
  • Review the education materials for appropriateness. Organize parents to remove inappropriate materials you find.
  • Work to establish opt-in policies rather than opt-out policies requiring written parental consent before sex-ed or sexuality education materials can be presented to minors in your schools.
  • Seek to get your state or local school district to adopt a conflict of interest policy prohibiting entities that profit from abortion, sexual counseling, contraception, condoms, or STI testing, treatment or care from dispensing health information or services to minors in your public schools.
  • Organize parents to work with your school board to establish appropriate sex education or sexuality education standards for your children’s schools. Click here for ideas on acceptable sex-ed standards.