CSE Violates Parental Rights

23 Mar CSE Violates Parental Rights

One purpose of comprehensive sexuality education is the sexual liberation of children, which is not only lucrative, but it also coincides with political ideologies that have the aim of liberating children from their parents’ conservative or religious views regarding sexuality and indoctrinating them in a new worldview that coincides with various liberal political ideologies.

The adults who are promoting CSE and sexual pleasure to children must first get access to them. These sexual rights activists must do so without the knowledge or consent of parents. Most parents are fundamentally opposed to their children engaging in sexual activity at a young age. Sexual rights activists are attempting to enact laws and policies that call for comprehensive sexuality education for children, youth or adolescents that include provisions seeking to grant young people autonomous rights to confidentiality, privacy, access to sexuality education programs, and freedom to express their sexuality.

While these so-called rights may sound good when applied to adults, they have different and serious implications when applied to children. The questions that beg to be asked are, confidentiality from whom? And privacy from whom? The intent of those promoting CSE is to expose children to the sexuality programs without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

The removal of parental consent laws, would severely undermine the ability of parents to raise their children as they see fit and to be aware of health-related services being provided to their children. This is a blatant violation of parental rights and weakens the ability of parents to protect their children from those who would seek to sexualize them.

If the vast majority of parents understood what CSE programs contained, they would never allow their children to be exposed to them. So when sexual rights activists say “comprehensive,” they truly mean comprehensive, as anything and everything about sex can and will be taught under this banner.

In order to protect children we must protect the rights of parents to guide their children’s education including sexuality education.