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We, as concerned citizens, medical and mental health professionals, religious and civic leaders,  officers of government, legislators, parents, teachers, and youth, representing millions of people in over 170 countries, are deeply concerned that highly controversial “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) programs are increasingly being presented to children around the world and are harming them in many ways.   

These highly controversial CSE programs go far beyond traditional sex education, as they indoctrinate youth to embrace radical sexual and gender ideologies, promote sexual rights and abortion, and encourage promiscuity, high-risk sexual behaviors, and sexual pleasure, even to the very youngest of children. In short, these programs are designed to dramatically alter the sexual and gender norms of society.

Increasingly, in addition to being pushed as part of the school curriculum, harmful CSE materials are appearing on school-provided laptops, tablets and other devices, in community, after-school, and peer education programs, and now, even one of the largest pornography sites is offering  CSE.

We are deeply troubled that these dangerous programs that are sexualizing children around the world, threatening their health and compromising their innocence are being aggressively  promoted and/or funded by organizations, such as Planned Parenthood (See, as well as various UN agencies, including UNICEF, the World Health Organization, UNFPA, UNESCO, and the OHCHR, largely funded by Western governments and donors. 

We warn that harmful CSE materials are being deceptively disguised as programs to promote abstinence, family life, HIV prevention, sexual and reproductive health education, and more. 

We, therefore call upon ministers of education, officers of government and policymakers , school administrators, parents, and all who have responsibility for  education policies and programs, to undertake, as their highest priority, a careful and critical review of all materials being used in their schools and communities to identify and remove all harmful CSE materials immediately.    

We also call upon all governments and UN agencies to cease promoting and funding such harmful CSE programs for children and to cease partnering with organizations or businesses that are purveyors of CSE.

Nothing less than the health and innocence of children and, thus the future of our societies, is at stake. 


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Please sign the petition calling upon the United Nations, governments and schools everywhere to immediately stop promoting and funding harmful comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).



We need to stop these explicit and harmful CSE programs that are being promoted by multiple UN entities and government bodies!


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You can learn more about how harmful CSE is to our children by clicking on the links below. Our new documentary on CSE gives a comprehensive and disturbing overview. We urge you to watch the clip above have if you have not already done so.


Watch the full-length Feature (35 mins.)


Mounting evidence clearly shows that CSE is one of the most insidious attacks on the health and innocence of our children imaginable.


You can also read our original CSE alert with more details below about how CSE is being pushed at the UN and why we must do everything within our power to stop it!


Please do everything you can to help us spread the word about the harmful and deceptive CSE agenda!




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