The UN is Trying to Sexualize Children – Please Help Us Stop Them!



Dear Friend of the Family,

I am writing to you with an urgent plea. I am at the United Nations headquarters in New York, where two important UN documents are being considered (“Agreed Conclusions” and a resolution on HIV/AIDS) at the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Both documents are filled with proposals calling for controversial sexual rights and for radical sexuality education for even very young children.

Intense negotiations on these documents are underway right now.

To help counteract these threats to families and to children everywhere, we are premiering our powerful new documentary here at the UN this week to expose the radical agenda to sexualize children.

We are also launching an online letter campaign calling upon UN Member States to stop this dangerous agenda here and now.

We only have this week to get as many signatures as possible on our letter to UN Member States in order to stop this agenda that will harm children worldwide.

You can easily sign the letter here.

Releasing our new documentary, “The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda,”  that exposes the dangers of CSE is perhaps the most important action Family Watch has ever undertaken. The documentary is shocking and extensively documented, and it needs to be broadcast everywhere! 

We already know the documentary is effective as it was instrumental in stopping legislation that would have imposed this radical and graphic indoctrination in schools in the U.S. state of Utah.

We will be using it in other states and countries in the near future as well.

We warn you in advance, the documentary is not appropriate for children. In fact, the materials and curriculum it exposes are disturbing even to most adults, yet this material is intended for even the youngest of children. For your protection, we have blurred out all explicit images.

You can view the documentary online, either a 10-minute version or the full version.

As revealed in this new documentary, as far back as 1999, the UN agency UNICEF published a manual that even promoted bestiality and sex with non-consenting persons as situations where teens could derive sexual pleasure.

If this was taught to children in 1999, can you imagine what they want to teach your children in 2016? This and more is revealed in this new documentary.

Understand that the UN agencies and liberal Western countries pushing this radical sexuality education are more aggressive and are using more deceptive tactics than ever before.

To advance CSE they claim it will delay sexual debut, stop HIV, prevent teen pregnancy, lift people out of poverty, prevent sexual abuse, promote gender equality, and more. This is far from the truth. Instead, CSE encourages children to engage in high-risk sexual behaviors, to experiment sexually, to question their sexual orientation and their gender identity.

We simply cannot let CSE be adopted in any UN, national, state or local policy! Ever.

Therefore, we urge you to help by taking the following steps right now:

1. Please watch either the 10-minute version or the 35-minute version of the documentary right now so you can see just how bad this really is. Even though watching the CSE material that is exposed can be disturbing, it is essential for everyone to understand what is being taught to our kids and what we are up against so we can stop it.

2. Go to our website,, and sign the letter calling upon the UN to stop promoting or funding CSE. We will be sending a copy of this letter with signatures from around the world to the UN Member States that are negotiating two important documents right now.

3. Forward this alert on and encourage as many people as you can to watch the documentary and sign the letters as well. Consider sending it to your local media contacts, church and community leaders, or heads of organizations that would help disseminate this and especially to school administrators in your area.

The response from those who have already seen this documentary has been unprecedented. People immediately want to know what they can do to help. (In fact, an unfinished version of the documentary was inadvertently made public and received more than 15,000 views within just a few hours before we caught it.)

So why are UN agencies and Western governments pushing so hard to mandate CSE?

The answer is simple. They know if they can indoctrinate our children through CSE with their radical sexual, gender and abortion rights ideologies, they will own the future.

Every minister of education, every parent and grandparent, every teacher, every school administrator, and every policymaker need to see this documentary so they can help protect children and our societies from this harmful agenda.

Please help us spread this information as far and wide as possible by forwarding this alert on to others.

Together we can and will protect the world’s children!

In addition, please encourage people to sign the letter to the UN. These signatures will make a tremendous difference in putting an end to the harm being perpetuated against children.

We will let you know what happens when we show this shocking documentary on Wednesday, March 23, at the UN here in New York!






Sharon Slater, president
Family Watch International


P.S. Go to for documentation on the harmful CSE agenda.

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