How to Inform Others

1. Inform other parents

Purpose: To inform and gather parents

  • Start a petition in your area.

  • Make your own social media videos telling your story.

  • Have your student share story through social media.

  • Use a news media outlet to share the story and film.

2. Attend School Board Meetings

Purpose: To gather, to educate, to show numbers/voices, and get information on record. Note: Not many changes are made at school board meetings but it’s a perfect venue to get the word out. It’s a good opportunity to let the school board know you are involved and paying attention.

  • Gather as many people as you can to go.

  • Have multiple people read quotes from the CSE curriculum your school is using.

  • Clarify demands for Parental Notification, Parental Involvement, Parental Opt-out/in. Quote policy and legislation that state these concepts.

  • Clarify demands for student opt-outs (from certain segments of program or program all together), credit options to put in place, no ridicule or punishment for opting out. Quote policy and legislation that state these concepts.

  • Go to multiple board meetings for follow up and communications. (share what you learned from the principal and curriculum chair or any decisions that are made between the first meeting and how you will address it)

  • Bring signs so the message is heard whether you make it to the microphone or not

  • Wear the same color shirts to show numbers of people who represent since not everyone will be speaking.

  • Have everyone sign up to speak no matter what. They can simply decline when their turn comes if they change their mind.

  • Do not get frustrated if school boards don’t respond. It is not often you get things done at school board meetings, but what you do is show the voices and gather up others who weren’t aware. This is a place to get the word out and gather up more camaraderie.

3. Hold Town Halls

Purpose: To inform people of the CSE Global Movement, to share personal stories you and your youth have experienced in the schools, to make plans on how you will approach school boards, administration and legislators, and discuss how you can arm your family against CSE.

  • Attend a chapter meeting in your area along with other networking groups.

  • Create a Coalition

  • Create a chapter and meet in your area with other networking groups

  • Invite parents and advocates to watch a Presentation

  • Invite attendees to spread the word. If the group shares this with one person, you’ve already doubled your group

  • Pass along business cards and network with one another

  • Discuss what role everyone wants to play in the fight

  • Utilize a town hall to prepare for discussions at school board meetings, administrative offices, and legislators. Make this a group effort.

  • Utilize the harmful elements analysis tool

  • Meetings can be held in a home, a library, a community building, a church or a park.

4. Talk to Principals, Curriculum Committee, Legislators and Teachers

Purpose:  To make changes, to communicate, to get clarification from those who run the school system

  • Bring a crowd

  • Share concerns through personal stories from you and your youth.

  • Bring your state legislation and school policy

  • Be prepared to utilize policy, legislation

  • Get on committees

  • Ask if school administrators and staff are aware of CSE?

  • Show research

  • Show bias in CSE program

  • Bring credit options (fight for BYU Independent study to be reinstated, etc)

  • Bring alternative options (SRAE’s)

5. Forums/Summits

Purpose: To train and educate all who want to be involved

  • Invite a guest speaker or two

  • Have a panel discussion

  • Benefits of prolonging sexual debut

  • Unhealthy elements and effects of CSE

  • The development of a child’s mind

  • Learn about other options such as:

  • Learn about other concerns or common questions in your state

  • SRA’s (Sexual Risk Avoidance programs)

  • College and University credited classes for high school.

  • Prepare a movement

  • Help people find their role in the fight against CSE

  • Train the attendees on what to do about CSE and how to do it as a group