This page contains links to explicit CSE materials. Though intended for children these materials are inappropriate for children and may even be offensive to adults.

The World Starts With Me

This online sex education program teaches children that sexuality includes French kissing, oral sex, and masturbation. It shows children pictures of naked girls and boys in various stages of development and then asks them to point out differences in their private parts.  Children are taught that it is their own choice if they want to lose their virginity. This program has been found in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Ghana and is probably in many other African countries.


TARGET AGE GROUP:  12 – 14 Years

Screenshots from Actual Online Lessons

Below are actual images from the interactive slides that are a part of the online The World Starts With Me program being used in schools for children ages 10 to 19 throughout Africa and Asia.

This lesson directs children and teens to assert their rights, making claims that children as young as 10 years old have the right to “know about sexuality, contraceptives, STIs/HIV,” to make their own decisions about their sexual health, and the right to choose to marry and plan a family – at age 10.

Curriculum Highlights

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Program Materials

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