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Recent update


Thirty of our Nebraska State Senators have signed a resolution which rejects the Nebraska Health Sex Education Standards and supports retaining local control over the contents of their own health standards. See this press release.


Action steps


1. The following state senators have not signed this resolution! Please contact them and ask them to sign immediately! (Legislative District=LD)


LD 6 Sen Machaela Cavanaugh (402) 471-2714

LD 7 Sen Tony Vargas(402) 471-2721

LD 8 Sen Megan Hunt (402) 471-2722

LD 9 Sen John Cavanaugh (402) 471-2723

LD 10 Sen Wendy DeBoer (402) 471-2718

LD 11 Sen Terrell McKinney (402) 471-2612

LD 12 Sen Steve Lathrop (402) 471-2623

LD 13 Sen Justin Wayne (402) 471-2727

LD 15 Sen Lynne Walz (402) 471-2625

LD 20 Sen John McCollister (402) 471-2622

LD 24 Sen Mark Kolterman (402) 471-2756

LD 26 Sen Matt Hansen (402) 471-2610

LD 27 Sen Anna Wishart (402) 471-2632

LD 28 Sen Patty Pansing-Brooks (402) 471-2633

LD 29 Sen Eliot Bostar (402) 471-2734

LD 36 Sen Matt Williams (402) 471-2642

LD 46 Sen Adam Morfeld (402) 471-2720

LD 49 Sen Jen Day (402) 471-2725


2. Contact your local school boards and ask them to also sign this resolution. Obtain a copy with their signatures and email us at OR mail to Protect Nebraska Children Coalition P.O. Box 1637 Kearney, NE 68848-1637.


3. We are still collecting letters from individual school boards that address the state board of education; however, we firmly believe having hundreds, even thousands, sign this resolution will send an undeniable message of unity and strength from our elected officials who represent us!


As always…


Find out when your next school board meeting is and plan to attend. Bring friends! Gather community members! Present information and your concerns that the Nebraska State Board of Education still intends to draft health sex education standards in the future (state health standards are unnecessary and are outside the legislative mandate to the Nebraska Department of Education). After the State Board of Education presented the explicit sexualized Draft #1, followed by a watered down version in Draft #2, dozens of emails secured through public records requests revealed a more complete picture – a process manipulated by a few radical activists to create scientifically and medically inaccurate standards which are out of line with the values of most Nebraskans. We cannot trust the Nebraska Department of Education under the leadership of the current board members.


Also, take the time to learn about other issues facing your local school districts, and don’t forget to thank your local school boards!


Attached are letters you can download from three different schools: Cozad, Maywood, and Thedford. What excellent sample letters you can present to your own board, asking them to make a similar, powerful stand against these standards! When they agree, please send us these letters! We will be collecting them and sharing them as well. Email us a copy at OR mail to Protect Nebraska Children Coalition P.O. Box 1637 Kearney, NE 68848-1637.


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