Understanding Federal Funding

In June 2019, the House Approved $383 Billion Spending which includes $101 million for comprehensive sex ed. 

This Federal Funding goes to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP) and potential grantees can only get a grant from this money if they pick from the approved list of programs. Most TPP programs are created, researched and sold by Planned Parenthood and its components. The approved curricula are filled with harmful elements that sexualize ALL children. Furthermore, many lessons refer youth to Planned Parenthood facilities for their sexuality needs.

In Summary, Planned Parenthood is the “single largest provider of sex education in the United States, reaching 1.5 million people with education and outreach each year”.

They create programs, paid for by federal money, and they research and publish their own programs, paid for by federal money. These programs sexualize children and promote high risk sexual behaviors and refer them to Planned Parenthood facilities for their sexual needs.

Planned Parenthood single largest sex-ed provider closeup

U.S Federal Funding Types

WARNING: While grant requirements may state that curricula/programs are to be “evidence based” or “medically accurate” in order to receive funding, research shows that, often, funds go to curricula/programs that are ineffective (See SexEdReport.org). In addition, content analyses show that many programs normalize teen sex, encourage sexual pleasure-seeking, condone early sexual debut and promote high-risk sexual behaviors.


It is important to look at the actual content of every curricula rather than relying on labels assigned to them.  For example, the analysis of Making a Difference, shows CSE programs sexualize children and encourage promiscuity and risky sexual behavior, typically without providing medically accurate information about the long-term risks associated with early sexual debut and experimentation.

DASH—Division of Adolescent and School Health

The Division of Adolescent and School Health, a division of the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC), works with community partners to provide training and resource development for so-called “HIV, STD, and pregnancy prevention” programs in school-based and community settings.

See DASH Funded Areas.

PREP—The Personal Responsibility Education Programs

The Personal Responsibility Education Programs, under the Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB), provides grants for sex education programs that are sometimes called “abstinence plus” programs and that focus on “both abstinence and contraception.”

See PREP funded Areas

SRAESexual Risk Avoidance Education

Sexual Risk Avoidance Education grants go to curricula/programs that emphasize risk avoidance and teach youth to voluntarily refrain from non-marital sexual activity and other risky behaviors.

Note: See warning above.

See SRAE Funded Areas

Title VThe TITLE V State Abstinence Education Grant Program

The TITLE V State Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Grant Program funds abstinence education and mentoring to promote abstinence. However, note that at least one Title V program, Making A Difference, promotes promiscuity as healthy and normal. As noted above, it is important to look at the actual content of the curricula.


TPP—The Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention program, through the Office of Population Affairs (OPA), funds comprehensive sex education programs for children aged 10 to 19. Note: Research shows that most TPP programs are ineffective at reducing pregnancy rates and some even increase risk.

(See SexEdReport.org)


Approved TPP Funded Programs

Note: Programs in red text have been analyzed and found to contain harmful content for children.

Programs not in red may or may not have harmful content. 

See examples exposing harmful content in various CSE curricula and materials here.